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The Connection is your source for all advocacy work of the YAB. On this page you will find:

  • financial aid information
  • reports produced by the YAB
  • policies of importance to older youth in the system
  • resources to help youth and professionals educate the public
  • documents and information specifically for IL Coordinators

YAB Reports

The YAB Creates reports on issues of importance for children, youth, and alumni in Pennsylvania. Click on any of the reports below and be sure to check back on this page for future YAB reports.

Improving the Quality of Caseworker Practice Report Improving the Quality of Caseworker Practice
In the summer of 2011, over 140 current and former foster care youth participated in a week long retreat on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown. During this retreat, Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members facilitated focus groups. These focus groups were designed to hear directly from youth and alumni of Pennsylvania's child welfare system about their experiences and recommendations for improving the quality of caseworker interactions with youth.
Focus Group Report 2010 Family Connections: Youth Experiences and Recommendations
At the 2010 Independent Living Youth Retreat, over 140 youth from accross Pennsylvania participated in focus groups. Read the report to learn what youth and alumni think the system can do to improve family connections for older youth.
Youth Summit 2008 2008 PA Youth Summit Report
This report is a result of the 2008 Child and Family Services Review (CFSR). Youth, alumni, and child welfare system stakeholders joined together for a 2 day summit to discuss the child welfare system and how to make improvements.


Are you interested in learning more about the policies that affect your life in the system?  Click on any of the policies below to learn more about them.

  • Act 101
    This law was passed in Pennsylvania in 2010 and allows for adopted youth and their adoptive parents to set up contact agreements so they can still have connections to birth parents and siblings after being adopted.  It also creates a database that keeps all of the social and medical history of adopted youth.
  • The Children in Foster Care Act 
    This law was passed in Pennsylvania in 2010.  It lists all of the rights youth have in the system.  It also requires all counties to implement a grievance procedure policy – that means that youth have a way to get their voices heard when something isn’t working.

For more information, check out our Statewide YAB partners' websites

Juvenile Law Center PA Department of Welfare: Child Welfare Kid's Voice PA Partnerships for Children

IL Coordinator Resources

County and private IL Coordinators can download important forms and information on this page.  If you have questions or can’t find something, contact Stephanie Brooks at stb101@pitt.edu

  • Pennsylvania Youth In Transition Network
    https://sites.google.com/site/payouthintransitionnetwork/  This Google Site is designed as a clearinghouse for IL Regional Networking activity, state and national resources, websites, webinars, and hosts a statewide calendar of IL Regional Network meetings.  IL Regional Network meetings are held by IL Coordinators throughout the state to focus on sharing resources, troubleshooting challenges, and learning from one another about how to improve services for older youth in the child welfare system.  The PA Youth in Transition Network Google Site helps keep everyone attending those meetings stay connected.  If you have resources you would like hosted on the site, please email them to youthtransition1@gmail.com 

  • Pennsylvania Independent Living Services Reports

    Youth Engagement Report

    2009/2010 Youth Engagement Report
    This annual report discusses the major youth engagement issues occurring in Pennsylvania. 

  • SAT Fee Waiver/College Fee Waiver Forms
    Forms for IL Coordinators to request fee waivers on behalf of IL youth.  Note: IL youth are not permitted to access forms; the IL Coordinator must complete the fee waivers for the youth. 

  • PILOTS – Pennsylvania Independent Living Outcomes Tracking System
    PILOTS is a database used by IL Coordinators to document the services provided to IL youth and alumni. 

    PILOTS Manual (pdf)

    Download acrobat reader by
    clicking the Adobe icon.

    Request for Change

    Download acrobat reader by
    clicking the Adobe icon.

  • County and Private IL Coordinator Directory
    This directory contains the contact information for each county’s public and private (if applicable) IL Coordinator.

Education for Change

Educating the public to create positive change in the child welfare system is central to the Youth Advisory Board’s mission.  On this page, YAB members and others can find tools and information to help help get out the word about the YAB and educate people about the need for change in the system. 
*Please note: the YAB is funded by the Department of Public Welfare and is prohibited from lobbying on behalf of any specific bill or resolution before the Congress.  The information and tools on this page are intended to be used to educate stakeholders and the public; they are not intended to be used for any lobbying purposes.
Governor’s Office

  • The Governor is the Chief Executive Officer of Pennsylvania government. 

Pennsylvania General Assembly

  • The Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate propose and pass legislation that affects all Pennsylvanians.  You can use this website to find out the contact information for your Representative or Senator, view the current calendar of legislative action, research and review laws that have been enacted, and learn more about state government in Pennsylvania. 

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania includes the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as well as all other courts and the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.  For an introduction to the Pennsylvania Court system, check out this video: http://mfile.akamai.com/13313/wmv/pennsylvan1.download.akamai.com/13313/JudicialBranchFinal.asx